- 192 selfies "Kitty Photo Album Set" -

The girl from this Photo Set is the same girl as CamGAG no#31, CamGAG no#33 and CamGAG no#37


NOTE: in this photo album set it is the same girl as in the premium model «CamGAG no#37» but also in video she is wearing exactly the same clothes as in this photo album set

All these photos within this Photo Album Set are HQ selfies

Most of the photos has an image size of 1932 x 2576 pixels but we also have 16 photos with a huge image size of 3024 x 4032 pixels
  • The girl is wearing the same clothes - this is very useful in case if your webcam partner needs more photos
  • 130 HQ verification photos (the girl is showing different hand gestures)
  • 12 HQ verification photos holding a paper in hand
    (image size 3024 x 4032 pixels)
  • 20 HQ sexy photos
  • 30 HQ nude photos

  • « With so many verification pictures , it will convience even the most skeptical person that the pictures are taken live on his request »

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