- 153 HD video sequences -
Olga v.2 - Snapchat Verification Set

This video pack contain 153 pre-recorded HD video sequences of a girl performing different hand gestures to camera to proof to your cam partner that you are the girl from the video. The girl is performing 90 different hand gestures while she is clothed.
The girl is wearing the same outfit as that one used in pack no#16


NOTE: the girl from this verification pack is the same girl as no# 16 wearing exactly the same outfit
  • The screen resolution for these video sequences is 720 x 1280 pixels, or 16:9 which means it is perfect for Kik or Snapchat

  • Each video file is MP4 format that is compatible with Kik or Snapchat (each file was adjusted to remain HD resolution but has only a few MB)

  • The length of each verification sequence is under 10 seconds

  • Each video sequence is recorded with her phone, in selfie mode, it is perfect for Snapchat or Kik

  • The final show is divided in 16 sequences of 10 seconds each file with the girl playing with pussy in different positions.

  • The girl is performing in video selfie mode 90 hand gestures while she is clothed (wave, show 1,2,3,4,5 fingers with left/right hand, crossed 2 fingers, thumb up, OK sign, rock sign and many more)

  • «  Watch the intro video for details  »

    « We do not offer assistance nor tools (like Bluestacks or Nox) relating of how to send videos on Snapchat/KiK to be seen as live videos »

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- 153 selfie video files -

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