The right tool for pranksters

CamGAG creates video systems that allow you to control the girl from the video to perform any action you want from a list of built-in commands. With our unique webcam system you can control the fake girl from the camera and dictate all her next moves. The girl from the camera looks like a real person because our system gives you the option to choose her actions from a list of commands, which will convince even the most skeptical person that she is real.

We have models with all types of looks, from sexy, super hot girls to average looking girls.


We have products for every budget. For as little as $3.00, you can see how this powerful tool works.

Easy setup

Just open the file and get started! The application is self-explanatory with a friendly user interface.

Fun to use

It can be addicted! Just imagine talking to your friends, disguised with a new identity. Isn't it funny ?

Latest videos:

You can use this tool to make fun of your friends or to test your spouse or your boy friend... anyways, once you learn what the system can do, you will come up with your own creative ideas on how to make use of it.

What does the girl from the video system do?

Each girl from the video will do so many hand gestures and all kinds of things that will convince your webcam partner that they are really talking to a real live person. Some of the girls in the video can even perform a full controllable adult show. Of course, depending on what you are using this video system for, you may or may not need to use certain actions. Most of the models can perform over 40 commands, but we have models that can perform 250 commands (that includes everything you can think of while chatting on webcam with a partner).

But won't people know it's fake?

No! Most people (99%) will never know they are talking to a fake girl. We are constantly creating new models to keep things nice and fresh. Our tool is not just a movie that streams a video of a girl typing, actually you can control the girl from the screen to do specific actions at the desired time, in this way it will trick even the most skeptical person.
The CamGAG video systems are so smart that even if your webcam partner asks you to "wave your left hand to prove you are real" or "touch your nose", the girl on the screen will do it.

The CamGAG videos allow anyone to disguise themselves on the Internet. Whether you're role-playing with friends, playing a prank, or working in the adult industry, CamGAG will undoubtedly do the job.

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